Campo Sagrado Nursery Project

Project started in June 2022, built 1 nursery and 1 community garden at the municipal headquarters of the Campo Sagrado institute in the municipality of Jordão-AC, renovated 1 nursery in the village Nova Empresa – Rio Jordão-AC and built 1 nursery in the village Nova Revisão.

It aims at the production of seedlings of endangered species with a focus on large trees, medicinal and food species.

To start the project, a free nursery workshop was held, open to all residents of Jordão and region, taught by forestry engineer Lucas Monteiro Silva and assisted by doctors Dr. Cesar Pedigone and Dr. Marcela Thiemi. In this workshop, in addition to classes, material for construction and renovation of nurseries was distributed to participating students selected by the project, such as shade, water hoses, water tanks, solar water pump, bags of seedlings, wood, nails and other materials construction of nursery and gardening.

The workshop lasted 3 days and will continue until 2024 with permanent tutoring for the maintenance of the nurseries and the propagation of seedlings by the forestry engineer and his team.

Currently, after the workshop, the nurseries and the community garden with 3 beds remain active. Monthly public meetings are held on food awareness and the safe use of medicinal plants.

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